When I first started this wiki, my goal was to create a class wiki my students could go to find assignments, videos, etc. I was terrible about regularly updating the material, and realized that what I really wanted was to find a way to go "paperless" in my teaching. I had 30 years of teaching units on all subjects/ages stored in file cabinets and binders. I thought I might be able to create an "on-line" file cabinet where I could store lesson ideas, handouts, videos, powerpoints, etc. to get to whenever I needed them.

Additionally, with the age of "Pinterest" Google, etc. I am constantly finding new, and better ideas I can use. So begins my attempt to enter the "Age of Technology". Of course, I told my husband I am always several years behind in this regard, as now, the new buzzwords are: flipped classrooms, ipad teaching, etc.

For now, I want to just gather and catagorize my materials and ideas, so I can empty my classroom and home office of "paper".

I will give credit to all ideas/links I post here, but apologize if I have forgotten where I found some of the ideas. Please let me know if it is your idea and I will happily credit you.

Thank you,
Kim Halyak