Do you often wonder about things? Do you like to think about big questions for which there are no set answers? Are you a reflective thinker and listener?

SOCRATES CAFE CLUB IS OPEN TO ANY STUDENT WHO WANTS TO DISCUSS LIFE'S IMPORTANT QUESTIONS. We meet on club day, but I am also happy to discuss these questions after school.

1. What should teachers teach?

2. Is school necessary to be educated?

3. How much money is enough?

4. Who do you most admire, and why?

5. What would you be willing to die for?

6. Why do we hate good-byes?

7. Who are you?

8. What is intelligence?

9. Why do we get bored?

10. What happens to us after we die?

11. Are people the same the world over?

12. Why are we fascinated by celebrities?

13. Must love end?

14. Why is it hard to admit when we are wrong?

15. Why do we want to be rich?

16. Why do we want to be famous?

17. Why do we lie?

18. Why are we prejudiced?

19. Why is life hard?

20.Who has the best life in the world?

21. Who has the worst life in the world?

22. Does your life reflect your religious beliefs?

23. Why are cuss words so popular?

24. What makes a person old?

25. What makes a person young?

26. Why do we laugh at others pain?

27. Why do we give up so easy?

28. Is it better to be intelligent or beautiful? Why do you think so?

29. What makes a good parent?